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“I just finished going through the latest edition of the Flexible Substrate. I am always amazed by how much information you are able to gather. It is a great way to get a succinct overview of the latest events and news in the field”.

          Jurgen Daniel, Palo Alto Research Center (PARC)

Veritas et Visus offers the best value proposition in the industry. Nothing compares to what you are offering...”

          Ross Young, •SVP, Displays, LEDs and Lighting, IMS Research 

“The Touch Panel newsletter is a great publication that is full of impactful and relevant information in an easy-to-read collection. I'm a relatively new subscriber and used to read through several periodicals and on-line type media for most of my information. It was not very efficient. Your publication is a real bargain and easy to read! Thank you for the concise and professional content..”

          Carol Crawford, Director of Touch Screen Controllers, Microchip Technology Inc.

“To stay current in this fast-moving industry is a challenge. More than just providing current industry news, Veritas et Visus’ newsletters also seek to educate the reader with pertinent information and analyses that enable one to make intelligent, informed assessments. I especially look forward to Mark Fihn's editorials which are always candid, thought-provoking and when appropriate, entertaining. The Veritas et Visus newsletters are valuable, time-saving tools, well worth their subscription price!”

          Geri Koehler, VP of Business Operations, SCRAM Technologies, Inc.

Veritas et Visus has filled a need in the display industry for an inexpensive set of newsletters on broad topics of relevance. I find Mark Fihn’s thought-provoking introductions in each newsletter on various display topics interesting and entertaining. The newsletters pull together information from many different sources so that I can keep up with industry news without having to gather this independently.”

          Brett Bryars, Director of Technical Programs, US Display Consortium

“The challenge of developing a new display technology and keeping up with advancements in current display technologies proves to be more than a full-time endeavor. The Veritas et Visus newsletters provide a detailed package of information that display industry enthusiasts as well as engineering and marketing executives in the industry should keep on their desks for quick reference. Keep up the good work! Your newsletters have proven to be very beneficial in tracking the industry and have led to the introduction of several companies we are working with today in developing our TMOS display technology.”

          Reed Killion, President, UniPixel Displays, Inc.

“It's important for our company to stay abreast of the latest developments in the flat-panel industry. The editors at Veritas et Visus do an excellent job of providing up-to-date content. In addition to recent news, there’s excellent commentary and analysis. What a great value!”

          James Lupino, Business Development Manager, U.S. Electronics, Inc.

"Veritas et Visus provides very timely display industry news, often well ahead of other news sources. I have found the information accurate and organized in an "easy to get to" format. I very much appreciate the publication."

          Chuck Pearson, CEO, Murgence, Inc.

"I find that Veritas et Visus provides a completely unbiased account of some of the lesser-hyped areas of display technology, which can provide some truly interesting and meaningful reading. Meanwhile, the editors don't hold anything back in their un-varnished opinions in the editorial sections; somewhat controversial reading at times but very enjoyable just the same. Keep up the good work."

          Patrick Dunn, Director, Display Technology, THX Ltd.


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