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Table of Contents

Issue 17 November 12, 2019

Chairman’s Corner: Is 2019 the year of the Quantum Dot TV? by Bruce Berkoff

LCD TV News: Sharp FCC Samsung Display ABI Research, Futuresource Consulting, GfK, Hisense IHS Markit, TCL eMarketer, Hulu ATSC, Leichtman, Roku/Amazon Branex Global. Technavio, Marion Stokes, Strategy Analytics, Atomos/Panasonic, Manatt, Vorhaus Digital Strategy, Panasonic, UHD Alliance, Foxconn, CTA ResearchAndMarkets, and WitsView

Interview with Nanosys CEO Jason Hartlove

Interview with Russell Kempt: Expanding demand for Quantum Dots in displays and beyond

Interview with Ray Soniera about ambient lighting for LCD TVs

People want good stuff to watch…by Andy Marken

TCL TV lineup boosts QDs and MiniLEDs by Bob O’Brien

Losing the TV Remote Control (Intentionally) by Pete Putman

Display Industry Calendar of Events  

 49 pages

Issue 16 November 11, 2013

Chairman’s Corner: and other Silly vs. Smart queries…by Bruce Berkoff

LCD TV News: CES, IHS, NEC Display, Toshiba, Sharp, Panasonic, Netflix, NTT, NanoTech Entertainment/4K Studios, Cineflex, TCL, Hispasat, KT SkyLife, Broadcom, Pesa, NanoTech Entertainment, JVC/RGB Spectrum, BSkyB, Wilocity/DisplayLink, Beamr Video, US Micro Products, Vitec, Samsung, Anapass, Sony, Netflix/Hulu, DisplaySearch, FIFA, Cognitive Networks/ LG Electronics, MAXON, Analogix, NEC, ESPN, Altima, Semtech/Ross Video, QD Vision, FutureVideo, NHK/ Mitsubishi Electric, Mindspeed, Gefen, Sony, Tricolor, Marseille Networks, IHS, Sharp, Seiki, Planar, AOC, Fraunhofer, Eutelsat, Samsung, Panasonic, AUO, Innolux, SES, Utah Scientific, Informa Telecoms & Media, Philips/ Sharp, Japan Display, Foxtel, BSkyB, BBC, Cameron|Pace, Sensio, 3net Studios, LG, Hunan TV, VITEC, Vanguard Video, Peerialism, ATSC, Toshiba, Ericsson, NY Times/ Pew, LG/Zenith/ Harris, Crestron, Nielsen, DVDO, Digital TV Research, HDMI Forum, DIGITALEUROPE, ABI Research, Rentrak, comScore, Ooyala, Thomson, Strategy Analytics, Intel, EOCA, and CEA

Quantum dots enable LCD color enhancements…by Jeff Yurek

The Auto Market and TV by Norman Hairston

Channeling the Universe: Heading to the New Normal by Marty Shindler

Big screen, little screen noise by Andy Marken

Tablet Display Technology Shoot-Out by Raymond Soneira

Who ARE Those Guys? by Pete Putman

Display Industry Calendar of Events  

79 pages

Issue 15 May 15, 2012

Chairman’s Corner: TV Darwinism…by Bruce Berkoff

LCD TV News: NEC Display Solutions, ATEME, Elemental, IHS, MPEG, Hulu, Centris Research, Gefen, Philips, Samsung, Sony, Atmel, DisplaySearch, Marseille, Haier, MPEG LA, Blockbuster/Samsung, Comcast, TE Connectivity, Ooyala, Microsoft/Netflix, WalMart/UltraViolet, Hon Hai/Sharp, UK government, Warpia, ATSC, Akoo International, My Voucher Codes, Displaybank, IHS iSuppli, Park Associates, Xilinx, Dolby LG Display, and International 3D Society

Connected TV: Becoming Mainstream! by Paul Gray

European broadcast market by Bob Raikes

LED-backlit LCD TV shipments doubled during 2011 by Veronica Gonzalez-Thayer

Can feature-rich sets save the flat-panel TV market? by Lisa Hatamiya

Approximately Right: Panel Makers Drive the Market by David Barnes

Breaking Barriers and Broken Windows by Marty Shindler

Hugo and Tintin… by Mark Fihn

When will 4K make your HDTV obsolete? by Andrew Eisner

Digital Signage Expo and Television by Norman Hairston

2012 HDTV Buying Guide coming soon

From the professor…by Alfred Poor

Display Industry Calendar of Events  

57 pages

Issue 14 February 22, 2012

Chairman’s Corner: CES 2012…by Bruce Berkoff

LCD TV News: NEC Display Solutions, DNP, Planar, NHK/Sharp, Samsung, AirTies, Sharp, Toshiba, Silicon Image, PacketVideo, ITU, ZiiLABS, Sony, Informa Telecoms & Media, Displaybank, Jacobs School of Engineering, Vestel, BBC, CinemaNow/Intel, Jupiter Systems, In-Stat, Samsung Electronics, Nippon Electric Glass, AOL, Raystream, Azuki Systems, NewTek, Fractal Antenna Systems, 3M, Aptina, LG Electronics, DisplaySearch, Marseille, Futuresource Consulting, DigiTimes, NHK, James Stewart, RNCOS, TCO Development, NPD, 2D-Glasses LLC, Sony/Panasonic/Samsung/XpanD, Strategy Analytics, Dixons Retail, Panasonic, AT&T/ESPN, Eccleston Square Hotel, GUNNAR Optiks/LG Electronics, Frank N. Magid Associates, iPONT, LG Chem, IHS iSuppli, CEA, Retrevo, Raystream, Meduza Systems, Parks Associates, Canal Plus, 3net, University of Munich, Chyron, ESPN, CableLabs, LG/Gaikai, MMD, Stream TV, Bluetooth SIG, HDBaseT Alliance, Leichtman Research Group, Direct TV Research, Barkley, FCC/SMPTE, Oregan Networks, FCC, Silicon Image/Toshiba, Informa Telecoms & Media, CJ HelloVision, NETGEAR/Quantenna, ATSC, Microsoft, DiiVA Consortium, PNY/RedMere, Rainbow Fish, Energy Star, UltraViolet, SANUS, OMVC, DLNA, TFC Info, Gefen, Digital Video Broadcast Group, Knowledge Networks, Elliptic Technologies, American Academy of Pediatrics, Common Sense Media, HDMI Licensing, MIC, Intel, WallTenna, LG/Intel, Nielsen, Digital TV Research, Gerson Lehrman, Whitespace Regional Area Network Alliance, CALM, Always Innovating, Roku, Lenovo, OmniVision, Adobe, Blackmagic Design and SeaChange

Will Smart TVs Reinvigorate the LCD TV Market by Paul Gagnon

The TV market in Europe – some sobering thoughts…by Bob Raikes

Why Architects / Interior Designers Need Display Geeks…by Jin Kim

6 ways TVs of the future can be more intelligent by Andrew Eisner

No one leaves a good movie…Not even a company movie by Andy Marken

LGD LED 3D HD LCD TV…by Mark Fihn

Where is the Camera on My New TV? by Norman Hairston

2012 HDTV Buying Guide coming soon

From the professor…by Alfred Poor

Display Industry Calendar of Events  

 94 pages

Issue 13 May 20, 2011

Chairman’s Corner: The more things change…by Bruce Berkoff

LCD TV News: Vizio, Planar, 3M, ChiMei/Sharp, Google/Green Parrot Pictures, Mindspeed/Amplif-Eye, Samsung Electronics, Mitsubishi Electric, Vantrix, SatLink/Zixi, Intel, DarbeeVision, KFA2, 3D@Home Consortium, Broadcom, NETGEAR, Sharp, 3DFusion, Consumer Reports, Witbe, Goldmedia, Amimon, Binocle, Nielsen Nielsen/CTAM General 3D, Futuresource, Panasonic, XPAND, CEA, Technicolor, ESPN, Deloitte, GFU, Infogroup/ORC, ACX, Toshiba, Sky 3D, Displaybank, IOGEAR, VIZIO, Real D/Samsung, Samsung/DreamWorks, Vudu, Westinghouse, LG, 3DFusion, Sony, Penthouse, SeaChange, European Broadcasting Union, Comcast, CEA, BSkyB, Mentor Graphics, Insight Media, Samsung, RRsat Global Communications Network, Sony/MIPTV, Bloomberg, Consumer Reports, Panasonic/XPAND, Starz/Comcast/Verizon, Toshiba, Mindlab, Blinkx, Energy Star, NPD Group, DECE, Vision Critical, DisplayMate Technologies/Quinn Pacific, Cisco/Inlet, Synerchip, ACCESS/Panasonic, SiBEAM, Samsung/Adobe, Veebeam, Sears, LG Electronics/Synerchip, Celeno Communications Cavium Networks, DigiTimes, DisplaySearch, In-Stat, SideReel, Amazon.com, Philips, IMS Research, Dish Network, Sharp, W3C, TAOS, HDBaseT Alliance, Mirics, Brightcove/ LG Electronics, Horowitz Associates, Displaybank, Quixel Research, iSuppli, and ABI

LCD TV Market Falls Short of 2010 Forecasts by Hisakazu Torii

Interview with Andrew Eisner from Retrevo

New 3D TV Technology Coming in 2011 by Ross Young

Snapshot of LCD TV Patent Landscape by Guy Oliver

Metamerism and the Bathroom TV by Norman Hairston

Penetration and Structure… by Jin Kim

Approximately Right: Looking Back at 2010 and Forward to 2011 by David Barnes

2011 HDTV Buying Guide coming soon

From the professor…by Alfred Poor

Display Industry Calendar of Events  

77 pages

Issue 12 September 21, 2010

Chairman’s Corner: The Fourth Screen…by Bruce Berkoff

LCD TV News: iSuppli, DisplaySearch, Quixel Research, CEA,  launches Rice University, EU, NHK,  Amtran,/Everlight/LG Display, IMS Research, University of York, Corning, DVB Project,  Vishay,  Freescale/Vestel Electronics, Mediacom/Clearleap, Philips, STMicroelectronics, Displaybank, SEMI, WHDI, In-Stat, Hillcrest Labs, Heinrich Hertz Institute, Zeon, ESPN, 3M, Polaroid/Real D, SENSIO/Trident Microsystems, CableLabs, Nielsen, TDVision, Doremi Labs, DIRECTV/Panasonic, Toshiba, Vizio, Sony, Arqiva, Strategy Analytics, SES ASTRA, and 3D@Home Consortium/MPEG

Connected TV in Europe by Paul Gray

Interview with Tushar Dhayagude from mSilica

Feature creep slows down the LCD TV market by Ross Young

Letter from Europe… by Bob Raikes

Retrevo Gadget Census Looks at TVs and Other Electronics by Andrew Eisner

What Next? by Norman Hairston

Samsung: Android TV by Jin Kim

Approximately Right: Over the Top of 3D by David Barnes

2011 HDTV Buying Guide coming soon

From the professor…by Alfred Poor

Display Industry Calendar of Events  

 62 pages

Issue 11 June 2, 2010

Chairman’s Corner: Changing Face of LCD TVs...by Bruce Berkoff

LCD TV News: LG Display, DEG, Imagine Communications, Sonic Solutions, CBS/Sony Electronics, WirelessHD Consortium, Samsung/DreamWorks Animation/Technicolor, Philips/XpanD, ESPN, CBS, GUNNAR Optiks, Newsight Japan, Sharp, UC Berkeley/Bangor University, Bit Cauldron, Sony, 3D@Home Consortium, Cablevision/Real D, Oberon Media, HDNet, NVIDIA, Eldim, HDMI Licensing, CableLabs, Insight Media, iSuppli, DisplaySearch, IMS Research, Displaybank, Nielsen, In-Stat, 13 Quixel Research, WalMart/Target, Westinghouse, Sony, Sharp, TAOS, NTT Electronics, Testronic Labs, Zixi/PeerTV, Mvix, Portrait Displays, Hillcrest Labs, Coincident TV/Ascent Media, Elgato, People of Lava, Samsung, Energy Star, CPC, Sigma Designs, WirelessHD Consortium, Atlona Technologies, Zhaga, LG/ Panasonic/Samsung, HDBaseT Alliance, WiGig Alliance, DVB, Simplay Labs, Virgin Media, Netgear, IDMA, AUO, Mitsumi, MotionDSP, DarbeeVision, and MONKEYmedia

Where Will the 3D TV Profits Go? by Paul Semenza

What Ambient Light Sensing can do for HDTVs contributed by TAOS, Inc.

Interview with Ian Watson from Quinn Pacific

IMS Research Launches TV Forecast Model by Ross Young

Should You Buy a 3DTV Now? by Andrew Eisner

Happy Talk by Norman Hairston

Google TV by Jin Kim

Approximately Right: The Case of the Disappearing Premium by David Barnes

2010 HDTV Buying Guide coming soon

From the professor…by Alfred Poor

Display Industry Calendar of Events  

 68 pages

Issue 10 February 26, 2010

Chairman’s Corner: 3D...by Bruce Berkoff

LCD TV News: DisplaySearch, THX/Sensio, Sky Perfect JSAT, Sensio, Quixel Research, Sensio/VIZIO, Samsung, XpanD, AUO, Silicon Image, NXP, LG, Sony, Sony/Real D, Sony/PGA, Softkinetic-Optrima/Texas Instruments, VIZIO,  NEC Electronics, Sharp, Datacolor/Portrait Displays, IMS Research, In-Stat, iSuppli, Displaybank, ORC, Quartics/Acer, Alereon, WirelessHD, SiBEAM, SiTune, Virgin Media/Rovi, Simplay Labs, Westinghouse, The Refinishing Touch, Microsoft, and Philips Research

Recession… What Recession? by Paul Gagnon

Global TV Market Analysis and Forecast by Jed Yune

Interview with Ahmed Masood from Supertex

The HD Revolution: The Swelling Demand for Content and Bandwidth 

Busting the “Super Bowl Sells HDTV” Myth by Andrew Eisner

Value Based Features for a Recovery by Norman Hairston

Approximately Right: Seasonal Patterns Persist by David Barnes

2010 HDTV Buying Guide coming soon

Paying for it…by Alfred Poor

Display Industry Calendar of Events  

 55 pages

Issue 9 December 22, 2009

Chairman’s Corner: LEDs and slim TVs...  by Bruce Berkoff

LCD-TV News: LG Display, VIZIO/Sony, Sony/Real D, Rovi, AMD, OpenTV/Jinni, Samsung, Siano, Bang & Olufsen, Envivio, Samsung/NXP,  Swinburne University of Technology, Sharp, Toshiba, SENSIO, Nielsen, ABI Research, Displaybank, DisplaySearch, NPD, In-Stat, Fairchild Semiconductor, Silicon Labs, Mobile High-Definition Interface Working Group, Marvell, Disney, CBHD, AACS, Atlona Technologies, Project Canvas, Molex, NXG Technology Atlona, Silicon Image, NXP, VIZIO, Toshiba, Silicon Mountain Holdings, FCC, BBC, CrestaTech, HbbTV, Capella Microsystems, Mirics/NVIDIA, Analog Devices, OSRAM, THX, Energy Star, WHDI, SMPTE, Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement , Vidabox, Motorola, CableLabs, Rodolfo La Maestra, Westinghouse, ITU, 1394 Trade Association, Disney, ATSC, OMVC, Digital Tech Consulting, Universal, IMS Research, Samsung, Microtune, Displaybank, Texas Advanced Optoelectronic Solutions, Insight Media, 3M, CEA, Energy Savings Trust, Wistron, LG, Trioscopics, GigaOM Pro, 3D@Home Consortium, Sony, Nagravision, Panasonic, Samsung, In-Stat, Research and Markets, Blu-ray Disc Association, Samsung Electronics UK, and Marseille Networks/VaST

Three Key TV Trends in 2010 by Paul Gagnon

How to make MPEG-4 a Disruptive Technology by Stephen Froehlich

Interview with Jerry Koontz of TAOS

Creating a Greener Display by Corning Incorporated

2010 HDTV Buying Guide coming soon

What Makes HDTV Buyers Tick? by Andrew Eisner

The Role of Marketing in Display Industry Success by Norman Hairston

Policy/Economy/Technology – Meaningless Differentiation and Market Speculation by David Barnes

LED Leads… by Alfred Poor

Display Industry Calendar of Events  

 66 pages

Issue 8 July 22, 2009

Chairman’s Corner: SID’09...  by Bruce Berkoff

LCD-TV News: Adobe, DiiVA Consortium, ,Motorola/Time Warner Cable, Sarnoff/ATSC, HDMI, Gefen, Celeno Communications, D-Link, ,Warner, GE, Philips LG Display, Quixel Research, IEEE, LCD TV Association, California Energy Commission, DisplaySearch, In-Stat, Sony, ROHM, Sharp, NHK, Nielsen, IPIC/NOVA Chemicals, Uni-Pixel Displays/Center for Advanced Microelectronics Manufacturing, Wal-Mart, CableLabs, Displaybank, ViewSonic, NEC Electronics, NEC, Sky, ASUS, LG, and Sony

China Turns on the TV Demand by Paul Gagnon

Retail price survey of LCD TVs in Q2’09 by Tom Lo

Interview with William Wang of VIZIO

Enabling greener displays/LCD TVs by Werner Becker and Georg Bernatz

2008 HDTV Buying Guide released

Seeing red over being green by Aldo Cugnini

Retrevo re-launches site with real-time reviews by Andrew Eisner

Power Consumption: LCD vs. Plasma by Jin Kim

The standard TV set by Norman Hairston

Policy/Economy/Technology – What Will We Get for Christmas? by David Barnes

“LED TV”… by Alfred Poor

Display Industry Calendar of Events  

58 pages

Issue 7 February 25, 2009

Chairman’s Corner: A crazy few months... by Bruce Berkoff

LCD-TV News: Vizio, Samsung, Toshiba/IBM, Toshiba, Mitsubishi, Sony, Philips, Sharp, Valens Semiconductor, Silicon Image, HDMI, Celeno/Cavium Networks, DiiVA Consortium, iSuppli, DisplaySearch, ITU, Yahoo!, Panasonic, NFL, Sony/Fox Sports/3ality Digital/Cinedigm Digital  Cinema, Sky, Dolby, VUDU, Honeywell, SiBEAM, WirelessHD Consortium, LG, Samsung/Uni-Pixel, Screen Dreams, SageTV, and Cypress/ Legend Silicon

The LCD TV market hits 100 million units, Q4’08 signals a slowdown by Paul Semenza

Retail price survey of LCD TVs in Q4’08 by Tom Lo

TV-use panel shipments are on the rise by Ricky Park

LCD TV in Europe – Update by Bob Raikes

Interview with Chad Tarkany of NOVA Chemicals

Interview with Rey Roque of Westinghouse

2008 HDTV Buying Guide released

Retrevo helps solve the DTV coupon shortage problem and predicts TV sales by Andrew Eisner

The other side of the recession: The coming boom in TV set sales by Norman Hairston

The truth about contrast ratios by Jin Kim

Waiting for the DTV transition… by Alfred Poor

Display Industry Calendar of Events  

56 pages

Issue 6 January 5, 2009

Chairman’s Corner: A crazy few months... by Bruce Berkoff

LCD-TV News: Sharp, Samsung, Panasonic, LG Display, Viewsonic, HDMI, Sony, LifeSize, Schaub Lorenz, Philips Research, ATSC, AUO/Qisda, NEC, Fairchild Semiconductor, ZeeVee, GAO, Broadcom/AMD, Best Buy, VIZIO/CUT FATT, LCCR, Blockbuster, ABI Research, EMA, Quixel Research, Display Insights, iSuppli, DisplaySearch, Leichtman Research, AUO, WitsView, Digitimes, Displaybank, IMS Research, LG Display, Digital UK, Toshiba, Panasonic, Belkin, Pulse~LINK, WHDI, CEA, US Justice Department, NXP, Mirics, Qpixel, SiTune, Gefen, Analog Devices, Microtune, NECEL, Cidana/Siano, Tensilica, Mobile DTV Alliance, Silicon Image, Chrontel, Lighthouse, Quantum/Siano, Micronas/Oregan Networks, NCTU, Kaleidescape, Singapore Airlines, Malata/Xceive, Ambric, Harmonic, China Digital TV/ViXS Systems, DIVA Consortium, NBC, Pioneer, InPhase, and Shanghai United Optical Disc

What a difference a year makes by Paul Gagnon

Retail price survey of LCD TVs in Q3’08 by Tom Lo

Interview with Jeff Allen from RallyPoint

2008 HDTV Buying Guide released

Retrevo’s 2008 Year-End Consumer Electronics Report by Vipin Jain

Preparing for the DTV transition… by Alfred Poor

Display Industry Calendar of Events  

56 pages

Issue 5 July 29, 2008

Chairman’s Corner: Timescale is everything...  by Bruce Berkoff

LCD-TV News: LG Display, Samsung, Syntax-Brillian, VIZIO, Westinghouse, Sony, JVC, Sharp, SunBriteTV, Tatung, Sony, Panasonic, Dolby, HP, CMO, Corning, UniPixel, DisplaySearch, DisplayBank, ABI Research, Strategy Analytics, NBC, Insight Media, Hyundai, Mobile 3DTV, HDMI, Diva Consortium, Analogix, Gefen, ASUS, Onkyo, TranSwitch, ATSC, FCC, CEA, ENERGY STAR, EPA, HomeGrid Forum, Bluewin, DivX, Testronic Labs, CITEL, Open IPTV Forum, Mobile DTV Alliance, OMVC, MPEG LA, Newport Media, Discretix/VisualOn/Axel Technologies, Iomega, Mirics, Samsung, PacketVideo, Imagination Technologies, Sharp, AOptix Technologies, A-VSB Initiative, and O2Micro

Hey Mister, Need a Shine?  by David Barnes

Retail price survey of LCD TVs in Q2’08 by WitsView

Interview with Roman Maisch from Merck KGaA

Interview with John Langevin from Luminus Devices 

Active Format Description by Michael Dolan

Sony yells “timber!” The connected TV landscape just changed by Henry Choy

Are CNTs important for LCD backlights? by Chris Chinnock

Can VIZIO's success in the US be replicated in Europe? by Bob Raikes

Best way to save gas; stay home and watch HDTV by Andrew Eisner

Train wrecks, lab rats, and transitions… by Alfred Poor

Display Industry Calendar of Events  

65 pages

Issue 4 April 30, 2008

Chairman’s Corner: From tsunamis to salmon... by Bruce Berkoff

LCD-TV News: 3D@Home Consortium, Sony/Samsung, Microsoft, HP, UniPixel, Wal-Mart/VIZIO, Hitachi, Philips/Funai, Syntax-Brillian/Compal, CEA, Corning, LG Electronics, Westinghouse, Informa Telecoms & Media, Frank N. Magid Associates, austriamicrosystems, Analogix, Discretix/VisualOn/Axel Technologies, Imagination Technologies/Sharp, Gefen, Silicon Laboratories, PacketVideo, Saigant Technologies, Parade Technologies/Konka, Samsung, Newport Media, HP/DreamWorks, Tokyo Electron Device, Strategy Analytics, Sony, NXP, NTT Electronics, ABI Research, Magnum Semiconductor, AOptix Technologies, Philips, and A-VSB

Alliances and partnerships change LCD TV panel picture by Paul Gagnon

Retail price survey of LCD TVs in Q1’08 by WitsView

Interview with Eddie Yeo from LG Display

Thoughts about the TV market… by Henry Choy

“Viewing angels”: a not so rare species… by Michael E. Becker

I want my OLED TV! But is it just wishful thinking? by Darice Liu

How to find TVs with the best value by Andrew Eisner

HDTV coming in new ways… by Alfred Poor

2008 Display Industry Calendar of Events

 56 pages

Issue 3 February 26, 2008

Chairman’s Corner: Touch and 3D... by Bruce Berkoff

LCD-TV News: AMD, Philips, Corning, LG.Philips LCD, SIM2/Dolby Laboratories, JVC, Samsung, Genoa Color, Viewsonic, Sharp, VIZIO, Syntax-Brillian, Westinghouse Digital, HP/Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, Apple, QuickPlay Media, ICO/Alcatel-Lucent, SiBEAM, HD-VMD, Sony, Displaybank, Pacific Media Associates, Quixel Research, Nielsen, Leichtman Research Group, McLaughlin Consulting, Luxtera, Gore and Quellan, Broadcom, Gefen, Pulse~LINK, ST Micro, RedMere Technology, HDMI Licensing, OnChip Devices, California Micro Devices, Analog Devices, DisplayMate, Siano, Sunplus/Ocean Blue, SISVEL, WirelessHD, THX, Simplay Labs, Silicon Optix, Hitachi/Canon/Matsushita, SPECTRONIQ 3-D, DDD, Pavonine, Missy Elliott, Sony, and Philips

DisplaySearch reports LCD TVs surpass CRTs by Ross Young and Paul Gagnon

Retail price survey of LCD TVs in Q4’07 by WitsView

Interview with Terry Yeo from Fusion Optix

Interview with Bharath Rajagopalan from Dolby

Is the sky really falling? by Henry Choy

Specsmanship: the artistry of sugarcoating performance specifications by Michael E. Becker

Digital TV switchover: One year and counting by Andrew Eisner

Commentary: Dueling surveys by Alfred Poor

2008 Display Industry Calendar of Events

 58 pages

Issue 2 December 5, 2007

Chairman’s Corner: WAF, CES, Holiday Shopping and what's next... by Bruce Berkoff

LCD-TV News: Technology & 3DTV: Barco, NHK, NHK/Ateme, Xerox, JVC, National Chiao Tung University, Hitachi, Sony, Philips, LG, Toshiba, Samsung, LG.Philips LCD, Dolby Laboratories, Sharp, Syntax-Brillian, DisplaySearch, Westinghouse/Eyevis, HP, De Montfort University, ITRI, SENSIO Technologies/JVC, Ozaktas and Onural, SD&A, Philips/Deutsche Telekom, HDNet, Cleveland Cavaliers, NBA, Philips/eventIS, Eclipse 3D Systems, Pavonine, Zalman, Fraunhofer Research, iZ3D

Q3’07 Global TV Market Enjoys Double-Digit Growth: by Ross Young

WitsView reveals 1920x1080 street price survey results by WitsView

LCD TV Association launches GreenTV program by Mark Fihn

Interview with Tim Wong from NOVA Chemicals

Commentary: Does 1024 = 1920? by Alfred Poor

2008 Display Industry Calendar of Events

36 pages

Issue 1 November 20, 2007

Chairman’s Corner: “LCD TV Matters” by Bruce Berkoff

LCD-TV News: Standards & Electronics: Digital Television Transition Coalition, Digital UK, Sky Network, Best Buy, CEA, HDMI, MPEG LA/ATSC, European showdown for mobile TV, DVB-H, MediaFLO, Open Mobile Video Coalition, Open Mobile Alliance, ATSC, Open IPTV Forum, Pace/DLNA, Euro1080/MPEG-4, Chrontel, MainConcept, Entone, Fujitsu, Zoran, Micronas, Pixelworks, Amimon/Pixelworks, OWLink/Mitsubishi, AMD, Algolith, 3DLABS, Sharp/Samsung, HDNet, and Gennum

LCD TV Shipments Surge: by Ross Young

An analysis of the current mainstream LCD TV retail pricing by WitsView

Interview with Sam Miller from Syntax/Brillian:

Commentary: Who Needs 1080p? by Alfred Poor

2007 Display Industry Calendar of Events

33 pages