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Twenty Interviews

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Table of Contents

Issue 8

October 11, 2019

 95 pages

Letter from the publisher:  "The Interview"…by Mark Fihn

Twenty Interviews

  + LOPEC, Wolfgang Mildner, General Chair and Vice Chairman Europe

  + Next Galaxy, Mary Spio, President and Founder

  + LOPEC, Ton van Mol, Technical Chair

  + Touch International, Shaun Detmer, Director of Marketing

  + DSCC, Ross Young, CEO and Founder

  + SID, Sri Peruvemba, Board Director and Head of Marketing

  + 30ninjas, Lewis Smithingham, President

  + Aito, Peter Kuystens, CEO

  + DarbeeVision, Larry Pace, President and Co-founder

  + BizWitz, David Barnes, Retired Founder

  + Nanosys, Russell Kempt, Head of Strategic Partnerships

  + JPR, Jon Peddie, President

  + TouchNetix, Chris Ard, Co-founder and Managing Director

  + Nureva, David Martin, Co-founder, Chairman and Chief Technology Officer

  + Dimenco, Maarten Tobias, CEO and Co-founder

  + Logystyx, Chris Williams, Co-founding Director

  + Meko, Bob Raikes, Founder

  + Marken Communications, Andy Marken, Owner and President

  + Tanvas, Phillip LoPresti, CEO

  + Springer, Sam Harrison, Acquisitions Editor


Issue 7

December 23, 2014

 94 pages

Letter from the publisher:  "The Interview"…by Mark Fihn

Twenty Interviews

  + BryteWerks, Justin Evans, President/Founder

  + Cambrios, Rahul Gupta, Senior Director, Business Development

  + Cambrios, Sri Peruvemba, Chief Marketing Officer

  + Canatu, David Brown, CTO/Co-Founder

  + Carestream Health, Paul Herro, General Manager

  + Cima NanoTech, Kelly Ingham, VP Marketing, Business Development

  + FUJIFILM, Keiji Uchiyama, Marketing Manager

  + Heraeus Precious Metals, Andreas Eischner, Worldwide Technical Service Manager

  + Heraeus Precious Metals, Ron Lubianez, North America Sales Manager

  + InfinitEye, Lionel Anton, Founder

  + Mobile Demand, Matt Miller, President

  + DAP Technologies, Khalid Kidari, Director Product Management, Marketing

  + Tablet Kiosk, Martin Smekal, President/CEO

  + Xplore Technologies, Mark Holleran, President/COO

  + Handheld Group AB, Jerker Hellström, CEO/Founder

  + Motion Computing, Mike Stinson, VP Marketing

  + NanoTech Entertainment, LX Rudis, Sr. VP Product Development

  + Next3D, David Cole, Founding Partner

  + PolyIC, Wolfgang Clemens, Head of Applications

  + Quantum Interface, Sean Gray, President

  + Quantum Interface, Jonathan Josephson, Chief Innovation Officer

  + Rolith, Boris Kobrin, Founder/CEO

  + Seashell Technology, David Schultz, CEO/Co-Founder

  + Touch International, Kelly Leff, Director of Marketing

  + UniPixel, Dan Van Ostrand, Co-Founder

  + University of Houston, Zhifeng Ren, Physicist

  + Vrvana, Bertrand Nepveu, CEO

  + Xenon, Lou Panico, President/CEO


Issue 6

March 31, 2011

 96 pages

Letter from the publisher:  Entrevoir…by Mark Fihn

Twenty Interviews

  + 3M Touch Systems, Ty Silberhorn, General Manager

  + Add-Vision, Matt Wilkinson, President & CTO

  + Baanto, Joe Kotas, CEO

  + Circle Twelve, Adam Bogue, President

  + DDD, Chris Yewdall, President & CEO

  + F-Origin, Anders Mölne, President & CEO

  + HDBaseT Alliance, Micha Risling, VP, Sales & Marketing

  + Horizon Display, Kurt Johnson, Founder

  + Juice Technology, Ian Turner, Founder

  + mSilica, Tushar Dhayagude, Co-founder, VP Marketing & Business Development

  + NUITEQ, Harry van der Veen, CEO

  + Ocular LCD, Larry Mozdzyn, Co-founder, CTO

  + PlasmaQuest, James Dutson, Senior Development Engineer

  + Quinn Pacific, Ian Watson, Founder

  + Supertex, Ahmed Masood, VP, Marketing

  + TAOS, Jerry Koontz, VP, Marketing

  + THX, Rick Dean, CTO

  + VIA Optronics, Steve Sedaker, Sales Director

  + WHDI, Les Chard, President   

  + XAAR, David Chapman, Advanced Manufacturing Director


Issue 5

August 31, 2009

82 pages

Letter from the publisher:  "Who are these people?" by Mark Fihn

Twenty Interviews

  + Applied Materials, Tom Edman, VP and GM, Business Development

  + DiiVA Consortium, Brett Gaines, President

  + Emerson & Cuming, Jeff Parker, Sr. Technical Service Engineer

  + ESAC, Nicole Helsberg, Director of Public Relations

  + FlatFrog, Ola Wassvik, Co-founder & VP of Engineering

  + HDMI Licensing, Steve Venuti, President

  + Jon Peddie Research, Jon Peddie, Owner

  + Meant To Be Seen, Neil Schneider, President & CEO

  + Meko, Bob Raikes, Founder

  + Nano EPrint, Aimin Song, CTO

  + NextWindow, Al Monro, CEO

  + NOVA Chemicals, Chad Tarkany, Director of Marketing & Sales

  + N-trig, Rick Seger, President, North America Operations

  + PolyIC, Wolfgang Mildner, Managing Director

  + Rallypoint, Jeff Allen, CEO

  + Uni-pixel, Jim Tassone, CFO

  + Verbatim America, Randy Queen, President

  + VISSUMO, Garrick Infanger, President

  + VIZIO, William Wang, Founder, CEO, and CTO

  + Westinghouse, Rey Roque, VP of Marketing


Issue 4

November 12, 2008

80 pages

Letter from the publisher:  Do I exist? by Mark Fihn

Twenty Interviews

  + 2D-3D Video, Craig Summers, Founder

  + Fox Sports Network, Mike Anastassiou, Senior Executive Producer

  + Axis Films, Paul Carter, CEO

  + Dallas Mavericks, Dave Evans, Director of Broadcasting

  + Can Communicate, David Wooster, Head of Production

  + Ceravision, Tim Reynolds, CEO

  + Cypress Semiconductor, Darrin Vallis, Director

  + Dolby, Barath Rajagopalan, Director

  + Fusion Optix, Terry Yeo, CEO/Founder

  + LG Display, Eddie Yeo, Executive Vice President

  + Luminus Devices, John Langevin, Vice President of Sales and Marketing

  + MacDermid Autotype, Steven Abbott, Research & Technical Director

  + Merck KGaA, Roman Maisch, Sr. VP of Marketing and Sales

  + Mitsubishi, David Naranjo, Director of Product Development

  + Nouvoyance, Candice B. Elliott, CEO

  + nVidia, Andrew Fear, Product Marketing Manager

  + Rutherford Appleton Lab, Bob Stephens, Principal Scientist

  + SID, Tom Miller, Executive Director

  + Synaptics, John Feland, Human Interface Architect

  + Westar Display Technologies, Phil Downen, Sales Manager


Issue 3

February 19, 2008

82 pages

Letter from the publisher:  Trying for diversity…by Mark Fihn

Twenty Interviews

  + cintelliq, Craig Cruickshank, Founder

  + CIT, Mike Johnson, Business Development Director

  + Flexible Display Center, Greg Raupp, Managing Director

  + Forth Dimension Displays, Greg Truman, Managing Director

  + Greenpeace, Martin Hojsik, Toxics Campaigner

  + GSI Technologies, Adam Laubach, CTO and Div General Manager

  + InPlay Technologies, Steve Hanson, CEO

  + Light Blue Optics, Edward Buckley, Vice President, Business Dev

  + Lumio, Jonathan Curtiss, President and CEO

  + MicroEmissive Displays, Ian Underwood, CTO and Co-Founder

  + NOVA Chemicals, Tim Wong, General Manager

  + OQO, Nick Merz, Founder and VP of Design

  + Plasma Quest, Mike Thwaites, CEO

  + SCRAM Technologies, Ray Kwong, President and CEO

  + Seamless Display, Justin Fry, CEO

  + Silicon Image, Joe Lee, Director, Strategic Business Development

  + Syntax-Brillian, Sam Miller, Chief Product Officer

  + TDVision, Manuel R. Gutiérrez, Founder, CTO, and Chairman

  + Xennia, Tracey Stephens, Vice President, Business Development

  + Zoran, David Auld, Vice President, Technology


Issue 2

August 13, 2007

78 pages

Letter from the publisher:  In pursuit of the vision…by Mark Fihn

Twenty Interviews

  + 21st Century 3D, Jason Goodman, Founder and CEO

  + Add-Vision, Matt Wilkinson, President and CEO

  + Alienware, Darek Kaminski, Product Manager

  + CDT, David Fyfe, Founder and CTO

  + DisplayMasters, David Rodley, Academic Coordinator

  + HDMI Licensing, Les Chard, President 

  + JazzMutant, Guillaume Largillier, CEO

  + Lumicure, Ifor Samuel, Founder and CTO

  + Luxtera, Eileen Robarge, Director of Marketing

  + QFT, Merv Rose, Founder and CTO

  + RPO, Ian Maxwell, Founder and Executive Director

  + SMART Technologies, David Martin, Co-founder and Chairman

  + Sony, Kevin Kuroiwa, Product Planning Manager

  + STRIKE Technologies, David Tulbert, Founder

  + TelAztec, Jim Nole, Vice President -- Business Development

  + TYZX, Ron Buck, President and CEO

  + UniPixel Displays, Reed Killion, President

  + xRez, Greg Downing, Co-founder

  + Zebra Imaging, Mark Lucente, Program Manager

  + Zoomify, David Urbanic, Founder, President, and CEO


Issue 1

December 9, 2006

66 pages

Letter from the publisher: Learning from the experts…by Mark Fihn

Twenty Interviews

  + Actuality Systems, Gregg Favalora, Founder and CTO

  + Cambrios, Hash Pakbaz, VP Business Development

  + DisplaySearch, Barry Young, Senior Vice President

  + EBL-WG, Kamal Shah, Chairman

  + E Ink, Russ Wilcox, President and CEO

  + Elo TouchSystems, Mark Mendenhall, President

  + Gunze, John Stetson, Sales Manager

  + Optronic Laboratories, Alexandre Fong, VP Sales and Marketing

  + NeurOK Optics, Tom Striegler, CEO

  + Polaris Sensor Technologies, David Chenault, Founder/President

  + Rolltronics, Glenn Sanders, Chief Operating Officer

  + SeeReal Technologies, Erik Nielsen, Director of Sales/Marketing

  + Silicon Image, Brett Gaines, VP Strategic Business Development

  + Steridian, Guido Voltolina, Chief Marketing Officer

  + TouchKO, Ted Cox, Chief Marketing Officer

  + UniPixel Displays, Jim Tassone, Chief Finance Officer

  + University of Cincinnati, Jason Heikenfeld, Professor

  + US Display Consortium, Brett Bryars, Director of Tech Programs

  + Vitex Systems, Robert Jan Visser, Chief Technical Officer

  + Wacom, Steve Sedaker, Sales Manager